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Boiler Condensate Removal Pump

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The SAUERMANN?? SI 1802 pump is a monobloc centrifugal pump with tank. The pump is for heavy duty and contaminated condensate with a normally closed alarm
contact that automatically cut off the air conditioning system compressor or closes a solenoid valve. Applications include condensing boilers, multi-cassettes, column units, evaporators, display and cold store cabinets.
Integrated automatic pump and tank of 2 litres capacity, integrated check valve, 1.4 m cable : 3 wires for power supply, 2 wires for NC alarm contact, 5 m roll of 10 mm i.d. clear tubing, 10 mm connector and 10 mm x 20 mm adaptor for rigid tubing.

Power supply : 230 V - 50/60 Hz - 70 W 0.67 A
Max. flow rate : 500 l/h
Max. discharge head : 5 m
Sound level in application : 47 dBA at 1 m
Detection levels : on = 43 mm, off = 27 mm, alarm = 67 mm
Alarm contact : NC, 4 A resistive - 250 V
Thermal protection : 105??C
Protection : IP 20
Max. condensate temp. : 65??C, 80??C in short peak
Connections : 4 inlets, 30 mm dia.
Pump dimensions : length 279 mm x width 130 mm x height 171 mm

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In Stock Boiler Condensate Removal Pump Boiler Condensate Removal Pump MPN 19886 47.60
Boiler Condensate Removal Pump Boiler Condensate Removal Pump

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