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Boiler Condensate Pump

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The pump has been designed to remove room temperature condensate draining from condensing boilers. Controlled by a float/switch mechanism, which turns the pump on to discharge the condensate, volt free high level safety switch contacts.

Maximum flow : 270 LPH
Maximum head : 5.6 m
Tank capacity : 0.8 litres
Hose connector outlet : 3⁄8"
Inlet height : 45 mm
Cable length : 1.8 m
On level : 26 mm
Off level : 13 mm
Dimensions : 140 mm high x 220 mm long x 134 mm wide

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In Stock Boiler Condensate Pump Boiler Condensate Pump MPN 19317 46.32
Boiler Condensate Pump Boiler Condensate Pump

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